Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


Okay the upcoming is a serious venting post if  you do not feel like it I suggest you navigate away, you have been warned.
I am not a big fan of appreciation I know that about myself but I do not know how to react to complete and utter disregarding ness. I still feel pissed when someone underestimate me or treat me like I do not exist which on the personal level I do not mind but on the professional level do not ask me something and then completely disregard me and ask someone else to do it. It kind of sucks don’t you think? That is about the appreciation part.

Number two, why did everyone turned to be so materialistic? God I mean I know it now “It’s all about the money” like the song says but not that much, not to the extent that everything in life revolves around it. There are so many things in life, like I do not know, honesty, love, care, kindness and I mean all this in a non-romantic way.. I mean it on a total and utter human level. But now its all gone and evaporated the same way those hundreds evaporate as soon as we get them out of the ATM machines leaving nothing in your wallet but the receipt. Its really lame how we value the cheap and abandon the valuable.
Do not get me wrong here I am not here to promote the lovey dovy world we are living in, not at all in fact I am by far the most pessimistic realist you could ever meet in your life and when I say this, it means I only demand the minimum charge of being simply a human being.. just the minimum, think that this other person is someone as yourself, has his or her ups and downs and we should not actually bite each others heads off.. Cause we simply just  SHOULD NOT BE DOING THAT..
*Banging head to wall*
Okay venting is over.. You can all look back now and remove fingers from ears..
Over and out.


11 Responses to “V E N T I N G”

  1. Let it out Girl..u huv to or u will explode..

    Know exactly what ur talking about .. and the world can not get any worse …

  2. well, I have to agree with what you said
    but I guess no matter what, I think you should be optimistic,
    cheers (:

  3. umm
    lonelness and selfeshness rules the world, that is why 🙂

    Cheer UP!!!

  4. Ma-3lina:
    I know and hence I vented but do not get very sure about getting worse there is always worse.. 😦

    Death Artist:
    Well try the optimistic thing lets hope it fits on me..

    U r right I am trying to cheer up.. walhee I am

  5. why do u suppose everybody hates venting? I love venting! I really like hearing people vent! it’s true that I sometimes throw really stupid remarks, but if u’re able 2 get over that u’ll find a very good ear 🙂

    funny thing about ATMs, there’s always suspence! u dunno the maximum amount of today, u dunno the exchange rate (when ur account is not in LE) and u dunno how much is going to disappear from your account (if it’s a debit account). I find it rather an adventure every time I get money out of an ATM!

    I know my comment has almost nothing to do with ur post, but I only realized that now!

  6. I hope venting works for you, i could never get away with venting my anger.

  7. Maroon-ed:
    I am glad you like ATM and think of them as this exciting.. As for venting it seems you are the only one on the planet who find it good LOL as for the non-relevance of the comment never mind its good to hear from you..

    Why don’t you forget about getting away with it and just do it.. It sometimes is quiet relaxing even if its to a web page ,,

  8. Well venting could work but it also sometimes keep you fixating on the problem.. try not to think about it.. but as you once said memories, anger and joy is like your own clothes they are only valuable in your own closet..

  9. Oh I do remember this conversation it has been a while since someone used my own words.. hehe like the memories of a young father who his memory of his kid’s first walk and words are priceless but for strangers they could not care less.. hehe.. U are absloutely right Sand.. Hence I love my blog its sort of like my closet..

  10. mmm… sorta like your closet, now there wouldn’t be any skeletons lying around by any chance? 🙂

  11. Vile:
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… there are way tooooooooooo many 🙂

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