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When did the word HELP lose its meaning?

Since I was a kid I always used to hear that the good thing about Egypt is when you say Help a hundred person would come to your help without even knowing you, which was something positive to consider in this country among the so many nativities we have, but I think this is not the case anymore..
Yesterday very late in the evening at around 3 or 4 in the morning I woke up to a women’s screaming coming from the street “Help me, help me, please” of course waking up to this made me spring up to my feet and run to the balcony to see what was wrong and what I come to see  was a women who was in the street screaming her head off while someone is snatching something from her while she was lying on the ground in a minute the two guys who were there took off leaving the lady who was screaming lying on the ground still like a lifeless puppet. Of course by all the commotion most of the neighbours were out in the balconies and amazingly no one was in the streets. By now everyone was getting worked up about the lady lying on the ground and starting encouraging each other to see whats wrong with her but nobody moved. All of them was up in their safe homes refusing to go downstairs. By then the lady on the ground moved and starting coming through to say that she was robbed by these two guys and she needed someone to drive her to the police station as they stole her car and purse. Which I thought one of neighbours would do but what happened was the opposite most of the neighbours did not left a finger and the rest starting questioning the lady..
“what were you doing down so late?”, “Why are you alone?” and not to mention that nagging comments and insulting insinuations about probably the kind of lady who would be in the street with two strangers at 4 A.M. 
Nobody moved, nobody wanted to interfere or even call the cops, what everyone was willing to do was judge her, just like that without even knowing who was she and what was she doing in the streets..
Even if she was a call girl would that give anyone the right to attack her? Would that give everyone the right to refuse to help her and not moving a finger while she was asking for help?
What happened to us? To the country where you say help and everyone just hurry to save you?
It’s shame.. That I was one of the people who stood still and did not do anything.. Just a shame..


19 Responses to “When did the word HELP lose its meaning?”

  1. In psychology , it is known that a person is less likely to offer help to those who need it in the presence of others . We tend to think that one of the others will offer the help needed and this one doesn’t have to be us ! It happened to you my friend =)
    You probably didn’t go out there because u thought some of those looking at her would offer a helping hand !

    That’s just human nature but it is really surprising that no one helped her taking into consideration that Arabs love to help women in need , it is just their nature !

  2. Lost:
    Indeed I was waiting for someone to help her but should have acted when nobody did.. but i did not 😦
    As for nobody helped her out I have no idea why they did not help her? bass you know what.. what bothered me is that they judged her like that without knowing anything about her assuming the worse.. it really got to me.. who died and made them king to pass judgements *pissed and having smoke coming out of my ears*

  3. Well, I believe ppl are really getting scared from getting into trouble, for example if I like, ran after those 2 guys, they might use a weapon against me or sth.

    I believe what the ppl did was plain wrong, and you , your self should have called the police!

    Its really shame why bad things happen from the first place! specially that it is Ramadan you know …

    Plus, is she beautiful? 😛 if she was I would have come all the way to save her ! lol , jk

  4. Death artist:
    I know I should not complain since I was one of the non-actors I did not expect anyone to actually run after the two guys but just to help her. Its a shame who we choose not to get involved “we nemshi gamb el 7eeyat” as they say.. I wanted to give her a ride to the police station but my father did not agree that I go downstairs said I would be part of the report or a witness and this is something he would never put his daughter into.. in other words I was not better than them 😦

  5. see, what your dad said is what am talking about, ppl are just afraid, many things can cause that but it is always there.

  6. Egypt SUCK, that’s all!

  7. Death Artist:
    Well you wanna know something ironic He was not afraid of the two guys he was simply worried that a female should not be involved in a police report.. Now that is what I call unreal don’t you think?

    Its not about Egypt unfortunately its a global state of minding our own business and thinking the famous theory that it only happens to other people and not putting ourselves in other people’s shoes.. if I was in her place I wouldn’t care about where am I but I would care that I would be saved that is all, Get my point??

  8. The Egyptians morals have shrunken to Zero.

    They only watch from a distance, we become watchers and not doers !!

  9. To be honest, the extent of what I would do is to call the police and they wouldn’t pick up aslan.
    It’s not about fear, it’s just that you never know what’s really going on. It’s not always what it seems.

    Well, as for Egypt, it’s changing. It’s not like it used to be, but I think this situation would be different if it happened during the day, I think there might be some people who would help. The element of night prevents people from helping out, all part of the “unknown”.
    The same thing happened during day in the US and nobody moved a finger.
    Although in Greece and Turkey, people would usually have fights (fists and insults) with pickpocketers and drunks.It happened before my eyes.

  10. Ma-3lina:
    You have a real good point.. Every one watches with anticipation if I may add.. You know once a person attributed our eagerness to see accidents as it happen is our gladness to know that it did not happen to us.. Weird indeed..

    I know what you mean about the police they usually come too late anyway.. As for during that day it matters most when there is least person to help and more danger and things at stalk..
    As for other countries it is nice to know that shivery is not dead somewhere 🙂

  11. I do not think you should be that upset from people since you did exactly like them and did not left a finger to help this woman.
    As for being a call girl, well lets just say that occupational hazards does occur do not expect this to happen to a secretary for instance don’t you think?

  12. Well I am not pissed at people I am pissed at US.. ALL OF US for not doing anything..
    As for the occupational thing I just would like to remind you that people always think that bad things happen to others only but it could happen to any of us and may be just may be it could happen to that secretary as well ..

  13. I think this happens everywhere, including in Canada where the people are very friendly.

  14. Bruno:
    Never understand why though.. What happened to just plainly doing a good deed??

  15. Egyptian good manners is an urban myth.
    “ged3an” we like to call ourselves.
    not very accurate, we are “ged3an” mostly when we have nothing to fear, and we don’t have to do much effort.
    It hasn’t lost it’s meaning, you just observed one of those situations where “elgad3ana” was not applicable.
    If the people were in the street, They probably would have helped, but they were too lazy to leave their homes.

  16. Vile:
    To be honest its better to think we are lazy than cowards.. I hope this is the case cause the way I look at the whole thing does not really need a down spin.. So laziness it is 🙂

  17. What do you expect from a people who have gotten used to being ridden like limb-footed asses on a high turn cliff.

    It’s what we are, what we always were, we’ll never change.

    Everyone is content by having his own piece of relative safety and judging people.

    We – unfortunately – only act when it doesn’t look good not to act.

  18. Slop:
    Thats just sad.. MERE SAD

  19. i wounder how could u lie and just think u can get away with it. really this shit u r talkin about didnt take place in september i wounder if it took place at all to start with. u need to see a shrink really .

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