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Workaholic or Not Workaholic? That is The Question

I have been feeling completely out of it lately I do not know till when.. you see I have been working ever since I was a student and throughout a lot of times in my life I have acquired two jobs at a time not only one. But with the new job that I got with which is a well established company in the region but they just started here in Egypt and in the process of establishing an office here.. and for the position of an HR and Administration manager the work load is close to non-existent with only the task of trying to locate a decent office in a nice area to show to the manager when he is here in Cairo next week. I have had a lot of free time on my hand which is driving me completely nuts.. My family is telling me I should be grateful for the time off but for a workaholic like me its more like a nightmare than a nice dream that I should enjoy..

On the other hand a lot of things are not going as they should be and I do not know whether its for the best or not even if I did know, there is not much that I can do about it.. But the new thing is that I have been going through the day with a tight chest and feeling that the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

You know the feeling when you are feeling you are bigger than your entire world and you feel you are squeezing yourself to fit into the role that the world is giving to you and everyone is telling you should be grateful and you are trying your best to be but you can not find the capacity in your heart.

Recently I have been talking to a friend of mine from collage days and telling him about how I feel and he told me that you are merely a workaholic with a lot of free time on her hand and its a matter of getting back to the normal work load you always had and you would be fine and I really hope so as this negativity is too much even for me..

Let’s hope things work out for the best.. Sooner rather than later..



10 Responses to “Workaholic or Not Workaholic? That is The Question”

  1. Yea ur a workaholic nd it is not a sin at all 🙂

    I love that paragraph very muccccccch
    “feeling you are bigger than your entire world and you feel you are squeezing yourself to fit into the role that the world is giving to you and everyone is telling you should be grateful and you are trying your best to be but you can not find the capacity in your heart.”

    I am trying to squeeze myself too
    nd I sometimes dont wanna make some effort in another thing so that i not feel that there somthng else out there for me that im good at it .. that would make me so depressed.

    Anyway, isa after u find the office u will get to work nd u wont huv a minute to breathe even 🙂

  2. Might it be the Ramadan mood? right now I have some work to do and here I am hanging in blogs! the file is opened and waiting for me 2 work, but I just don’t feel like it!

    good luck with the office thing, and with squeezing urself in as well 🙂

  3. Ma-3lina:
    I know it is not a sin at all in fact its what makes life meaningful. However I do not want you to isolate yourself in one role you are good at as not to distract yourself its not bad at all to be good in multiple things but dividing your time between them is the key thing..Good luck for the both of us now..

    I do not know if its the Ramadan mood or not but hopefully it would be temperarley cause I do not want to be like that for a longer while or most worse indifinite while..

    As for squeezing I am doing the best I can lets hope it works 🙂

  4. it might be your conscience, if you are not used to inactivity for so long.
    enjoy it while you have it, or don’t enjoy it, whichever you feel like.
    there are no demands here.
    what a poor life it would be if we had complete control over our future.

  5. Sometimes I get this feeling, that I am not in the right place, that I am settling for less than I should, that I should push the world a little bit more.
    It only goes away when I am in a completely new situation. Maybe you need a new challenge.
    Being a workaholic is one of the nicest things in the world. I love to work and be busy and achieve stuff. It’s only fair.

  6. Vile:
    I will try to pass it as enjoying it or not is completely not up to me its my mind that plays the hero here..
    As for having complete control over our future will I am pretty sure by now you know we do not.. Which is a good thing I guess considering how narrow minded and short sighted we sometimes be..

    You have a very good point I need a new challenge that is why I took this job I know that being a workaholic is a good thing.. But when you do not have much on your hands it turned into a nightmare.. hopefully it will pass soon 😀

  7. Its very sad that we put our entire life on one aspect which in your case is work, I hope you find something else to fill your life with other than work. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Sand:
    Well work is the only dependable thing in my life right now and for it to be on hold that is what is driving me nuts. I hope one day I find something as reliable as work to fill my life with 🙂

  9. oh hun !
    indulge in ur free time and try to forget about ur work…
    all workaholics feel like u but there is always REHAB ;P
    try just to enjoy having nothing to do coz when u start ur new job u’re gonna miss it !

    hope u found the office u are looking for =)

    Tons Of luck ;

  10. Lost:
    Thanks dear for your advice *hugs back*
    I am trying to do things that usually i do not have time to do and I think I am going to pass this time peacefully ISA.. With Rehab’s help..
    As for the office the VP is coming next Sunday to finalize the issue lets hope it would be finalized

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