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Into abyss, You don’t exist, Cannot resist, The Judas kiss

Okay first I have a confession I am a complete and utter Rock head meaning I like Rock music any time of the day and I totally and absolutely Love Metallica.. You see Metallica has been around ever since I was a kid back at school and wanted to taste something different in music and a guy three years older than me gave my his walkman and I listened to an amazing song which I later knew it was “For the whom the bell tolls” and I was hooked and as I looked at him and asked who was singing the guy smiled and he told me.. “You like them?” I nodded silently he smiled opened his walkman and gave me the tape and it was the first tape I ever had in my hand for Metallica “Ride the Lighting” and I never stopped listening to them ever since..

After this introduction let me talk about my first music addiction here in this blog which is something not to be taken lightly at all..

Metallica’s 2008 Album “Death Magnetic”.. 

When I first heard Metallica are releasing their new album to be honest I was not excited as I thought I would be dissapointed as I did in their last Album St. Anger which was released in 2003 and had disappointed some critics and fans with the exclusion of guitar solos, and the “steel-sounding” snare drum.

In 2006, Metallica announced on its official website that after 15 years they are working on their next studio album and they set the release date for the album Death Magnetic on September 12, 2008. The first single released for airplay was “The Day That Never Comes,” released on both the internet and for radio stations on August 21, 2008. ” On August 25, Metallica released another single, “My Apocalypse“, exclusively on their Web site, followed by a release of “Cyanide” on September 1, 2008.

This album is a real accomplishment for one reason and one reason only it bring back to all Metallica’s dedicated fans the true taste of Metallica’s old school.. the album also contain the song “Unforgiven III” concluding the trilogy that Metallica started in The Unforgiven” which is the third single from Metallica’s self-titled album, Metallica (also known as the Black Album). Released in 1991.

An amazing Album A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!


18 Responses to “Into abyss, You don’t exist, Cannot resist, The Judas kiss”

  1. For god sake, what’s wrong with st. anger? , I really liked the song abu ghadab “st anger”, also the song “shoot me again, I ain’t dead yet”
    and sure, can’t wait for metallica’s new album

  2. hehe speaking like a true Metallica Fan.. well my dear the only thing that is wrong with that album the fact that it was not like Metallica at all.. it disappointed some of the fans but obviously not all of them..
    Death Magnetic is amazing I downloaded it.. Unforgiven III is simply AMAZING 😀

  3. It is kind of weird to find a female rocker with this passion about rock and heavy metal if I may add. Metallica used to be popular in the eighties/nineties era but in the 2000s do not think so.

  4. Sand:
    Not really there are a lot of female rockers out there and with a huge passion for hard core music. As for your opinion that Metallica do not belong to the 2000s era I beg to differ my friend.. you have to listen to their new album to understand

  5. well, I am a metallica fan, always been (:
    but things evolve you know, an album for the future might be (;
    still didn’t download the album, shall start now !

  6. The good thing about Metallica is they are for any time a track for every mood and time.. Download the album my friend and let me know what you think 🙂

  7. unforgiven 3, great song, but not as good as unforgiven 1 or 2 !
    but overall, the album is great (: i still didn’t listen to all the songs…my ratings so far:
    The day that never comes : 10/10
    the unforgiven 3 : 9/10
    Cyanide : 9/10
    the Judas kiss : 10/10

  8. hehe exactly like my ratings but i have to say something about unforgiven III it grows on you the first time you would think not so good. the second time it would be nice.. the third time would be Oh my God i wanna listen again.. 🙂 Enjoy my friend

  9. I hate to agree with the masses, but metallica never played again like they did back in the 80’s.
    I have their complete albums + solos up to re-load, but I have not even given “st. anger” the benefit of the doubt.
    Although i have to say that you are getting me all worked up to listening to “Death magnetic”, something which i might do after all.

  10. Vile
    Trust me you should listen to that Album its a complete different story..a feeling like a blast from the past start with That day that never comes and unforgiven III you will not regret it 🙂

  11. Way too much Metallica for my liking , I dunno but they are kinda noisy =P

    **whistles as she makes her exit**

  12. Lost:
    I know that Metallica are not anyone’s cup of coffee but their music and lyrics are pretty deeps.. The have some things that are not that “Noisy” try listening to Unofrgiven II or nothing else Matters.. And let me know what you think 🙂 trust me you wont regret it

  13. I listened to unforgiven III and I liked it but the intro was so not like Metallica don’t you think??

  14. I know what you mean but Piano is not new to Metallica but glad you liked the song and that you changed your mind about the whole 2000 era thing 🙂

  15. will do sarah, and i think lost was just pulling your leg:D

  16. Vile:
    I am glad for that as for lost well she always does 😀

  17. “The Judas Kiss” is a big WOW.. My Favorite!!
    Metallica is playing thrash-metal once again!! HELL YEAH!!

  18. Hawk:
    I totally agree with you and totally loved the song.. Metallica is back which is for me is the BIG WOW 🙂

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