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Cairo Taxi Drivers "All Anglish All Zaa Time"

Okay again to my adventures in the office hunting which I have to say is not so much fun while fasting with the heat, traffic jams, and the thirst. Anyway that being said here we go..
I was looking for an office for a while now and was getting disappointed time after time from all the crappy office I was seeing.. So I figured go bigger to find better decided to head to the Nile Towers AKA The Orascom Towers located on Courniche El Nil. Let my just say that when I speak to taxi drivers I try to avoid using English as not to embarce the drive so I got into the cab of course did not want to tell the taxi driver Nile Towers cause I naively thought he would not understand.. So here is how it went:

Me: El Courniche Please.
The driver: Feen ya3nee ya abla? “Where in the counrniche Miss?”
Me: Alabarg el ba3ed Arkida. 3arefhom? “The towers after Arkidia (a near by mall).. You know it?”
The Driver: Anhee ya3nee “Come on Which ones?”
Me: Abrag Orascom? “Orascom Towers? Niavely me said avoiding English the entire time”
The driver: ahhhhh elee ba3ed Arkidia? “The ones after Arkidia?”
Me: 2wyia. “Yes..”
The driver: “very disgusted from me at this point” esmohem neel city towerzzz 3ala fekra.. mato2lee keda men el sob7. “They are called Neel Ceety Towerzzzz Why don’t you just say that?”

Me smiled at my stupidity and just said: “Really is that what they are called? I want to go just there.” NO COMMENT..


15 Responses to “Cairo Taxi Drivers "All Anglish All Zaa Time"”

  1. taxis in egypt .. hate them !!

  2. Death Artist:
    Trust me you are not the only one.. but when you have to there is nothing you can do

  3. Loool

    Fad7tina 2odam el aganb 🙂

  4. I second that opinion…..
    Taxis in Cairo are evil, they are just a bunch of worn-out black and white mold-like arrogant leeches that run unchallenged in the city!

  5. Ma-3lina:
    Yes odam el aganeeb we el locals kaman

    I totally agree with you do not get me started about cabs cause I could go on and on and you would be all bored and sleepy from me :)))

  6. Cab drivers are horrible every where they think they are smarter and better than any passenger out there.. But did not know that the language barrier is there between local as well. Why would you speak English to a local like you?

  7. Sand:
    You have a very good point they do think they are smarter than everyone but dont we all?
    As for speaking English nope locals do not speak english to each other but I do not like to show off with the names at least that what I used to think, now i think I am not good enough to take a cab.. 🙂

  8. bit of culture – thanks!

  9. Bruno:
    In spite having the worse drivers ever hoping this wont keep you from visiting eventually 🙂

  10. Hahaha Sarah ! give ur country men some credit ! y3ni don’t underestimate them , they know english ;P nowadays, who doesn’t !!
    b3den being a taxi driver doesn’t mean the guy isn’t educated or bilingual 😛 u never know , maybe ur next taxi driver wud speak french as well =P !
    I dunno about taxis in egypt , but I don’t like taxi drivers in here , and from the looks of it , it seems they are all the same!

    Happy Office hunting ^_*

  11. Lost:
    I believe cab drivers are like that in every single city in the world at least that what seems.. I did not mean that they are not up to standards but I do not like to show off and speak something he would not understand.. Anyway.. after that I will expect the cab driver would speak German even not French..
    As for the office hunting it seems it would never end 😦 😦
    Wish me luck

  12. I’m sorry sarah, i know we should not give in to the sweet and irresistible bashing of taxi drivers, especially in Ramadan.
    to be honest i did ride with a driver yesterday that was helpful and seemed like normal people.
    No strange stories, no cursing at fellow drivers, no peculiarities whatsoever, he even toke his time to point out the street i was heading to, after i was out of the car and well on my way….

  13. Hehe I know what you mean Vile..
    Lets not go to the concept of giving directions to “help” people get to where they want to be honest you are better off without directions from anyone but this guy is a classic as in your case the saying “better Late than never” does not apply Better luck next time LOL

  14. Taxi drivers aside, there’s more to “All Anglish All Za Taiem”…

    A few years back I was riding with a friend and we were desperate for a parking spot, we found a 3askary near by and naturally we tried to avoid english when asking, so it went like this:
    – law sama7t, 2ala2y fein makan 2arken?
    – ah barking ya3ny? el barking 2odam 3al yemeen.

    2 days ago i was parked somewhere, wana batla3 mn el rakna la2et wa7ed tele3 out of nowhere to help out, as i handed him his change he went “alf salama, take care ya fandem” !!! I assumed it was okay since it’s in Maadi and akeed he deals with a lot of foreigners… but it cracked me up 😀

  15. Blue Void:
    I know what you mean I think that English is not a second language any more its more like a dialect..
    Bass modo3 take care daa gamed gedan hehe

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