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Free WiFi at Cafes not so free after all

Yes I know I might be talking about a topic that is somehow outdated but it has recently pissed me off and where else can I vent except here my home away from home
Okay as some might know I have been office hunting for the new company I am working in right now who are trying to locate an office space that is acceptable and so a lot of field trips is at order with semsars and people of the sort.. hence I spend a considerable amount of time in cafes in between appointments where it came to my attention that the internet connection at cafes where they use free WiFi access points as a big part of their advertising campaigns is NO LONGER FREE except for the first hour and then you have to buy a scaratch card..

Okay even at the first hour where it is supposed to be free and easy you have to go through a lot of hassle to get connected you have to log in to Mobinil Wifi website register an account, enter your phone number, they send you an activation email, and finally a code to your mobile phone to be able to access the website and then you ask for the free card at the cafe you are sitting in all this for the sake of accessing the internet there WTF????
It really got on my nervous last time.. Why should we complicate the uncomplicated things? Is it just for the fuck of it.. Just a thought

9 Responses to “Free WiFi at Cafes not so free after all”

  1. When you can’t beat it, why fight it 🙂
    But I do understand your frustrations.

  2. Bruno Long time no see 🙂 You are right but sometimes venting is not fighting its just venting to be able to accept it 🙂

  3. Everything good in life is not free why the Wifi be any different..
    I think we have turned greedy over the years Don’t we?

  4. Sand
    Not greedy but a big part of these coffee shops is having a free wifi connection all of sudden its not any more and u have to live without and that is it.. that’s what is frustrating and not the fact that we have to pay for it got me point?

  5. LOL at the “Is it just for the fuck of it.. “

    That was totally original.

  6. ohh so thats why ! , this summer i spent a month in egypt, and like when i was in malls or sth i find this mobinil networks but i could never access the internet in them ! now i know why ! , i thought it was just a stupid access point for nothing 😛
    anyway, i managed to find alot of free hots pots around and about, you can find ones your self (:

  7. Mazen:
    To be honest did not find any other reason 🙂

    Death Artist:
    Well yes that is probably the reason why?? however this free and available wireless ports are increasing one at a time and pretty soon it will be all the same to be honest I have a bought a fone that can work as a wireless modem to get over the entire problem.. I guess this would qualify as managing the problem 🙂
    Hope you liked Egypt and would come back soon 🙂

  8. It’s Mobinil taking it on us egyptians! how could they enjoy FREE internet that is fast and reliable in cafes? let’s screw it up, make it as slow and unbearable as possible, and put a price to it too!

  9. Marooned
    U have a very good point but why screw it up hyia na2sa dont they do enough in mobiles.. God help us All

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