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Small Change and Wierd Mood

Yes, I have been having small changes in my life, first of all bought a new phone after wanting so long to get an IPhone and after getting tired of waiting… I got a Nokia phone like always N81 which I like more as the days go by, it has an 8GB internal memory which is not bad at all.

Second of all, is I am going to buy a car by the end of the month the options are Juliet, or Picanto I do not know yet.. I am still deciding…

Third of all, I am going to start my new job as an office manager in which is a big step for me money wise and carrier wise…

Small changes but eventually it’s going to change my life… 

I have been having a wierd mood basically not feeling like doing anything and sitting home doing absloutely nothing and not feeling like talking to anyone or doing anything and the weather and the damn heat did not help one bit I tell you that..

On the other hand Ramadan is next week and I still did not feel any special feeling for it… however that will not stop it from coming any way.. Kol Sana we ento taybeen people..


4 Responses to “Small Change and Wierd Mood”

  1. It seems that u were in a rush when writing the post 😉

    I think these r major changes especially the work nd car thing :))

    Congratulations !!!!!!!

    I would go for Juliet coz the picanto spare parts r very expensive

    Happy Ramdan to u toooooo

  2. I just had one question:

    are u Sarah Mumbling?? coz i used to read such blog b4:-S

  3. Ma-3lina:
    I was not in a rush but I want to get it over and done with dont know why.. u have a keen eye to notice that my dear friend you know me too well 🙂 about changes well yeah it might be big or smal but changes none the less.. Kol sana we entee tayeba ya gamila may this Ramadan bring you peace happiness and tranquility.. We ye3oda 3aleekee bel 7’eer insha Allah

  4. Miasee:
    Yes I am sarah mumbling and I am really glad you noticed 😀 it kind of boosted my morale.. :D:D Thank you for doing just that

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