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Web of Dreams

Yes it has been a while now that going to sleep has become a drain than not going to sleep at all, I have been having  complicated dreams every single night that I wake up feeling more tired than I was before going to sleep. I have been wondering where these ugly and complicated dreams are coming from. It is like my worst fears and more are reaching out to me in my sleep and warning me of all the things that could go wrong but don’t.
Again there is feeling of relief when I wake up and releasing Thank God it was just a dream. I do not know whether to feel good cause this was just illusion or to feel weary because I have such fears and twisted thoughts inside this maze that I call my head. How weird that I have been thinking and have no idea where this sick and twisted feelings are coming from. I don’t have any special stress or problems in my life to be honest my life has been a lot worse than it is right now and yet these dreams were not as bad. The worse thing about it how it feels so real that when I am hurt in a dream I wake up to have a real pain or a swore area in the part where I dreamt was hurt.
Not so long ago I have been having bruises and scratches in my arm without any apparent or justifiable reason which did not catch my attention back then until it got worse where I had to see a doctor who told me that it is a skin infection that causes the skin to open up and seem like scratches which was a relief to have a logical reason behind it all. 
Right now I am settling for not sleeping if this means I am going to have a rest from these awful dreams. I tried everything thinking happy thoughts before I sleep and reading verses from the Holly Quran but it is not working… Any ideas everyone??


10 Responses to “Web of Dreams”

  1. I don’t have a solution for the problem, but have u ever been like that? or u used 2 wake up not remembering u’ve dreamed of anything at all?

  2. Marooned:
    Other than the occassional bad dream every now and then no i never been like that and a lot of time I woke up and not remember if I even dreamt or not.. but unfortunately that is a luxary I do not have anymore 😦
    Do you think Incubus is involved??

  3. Incubus? well, everything’s possible!
    I remember a similar situation that happened to me after reading Freud’s Interpretations of dreams. I spent about 2 weeks waking up every day remembering perfectly what I dreamed about. I even wrote 2 or 3 of those! they weren’t nightmares though, just weird dreams 🙂

  4. Yeah Fraud makes you concentrate on things you did not notice before bass the problem of my dreams is that its about my deepest fears and hence sometimes i feel i am about to have a heart attack and i have no idea I have all this shit in my head.. Gosh I am such a complicated person.. God help me :/

  5. Amen 🙂

  6. Sarah, u mentioned that u’ve tried reading koran before going to sleep and it did not work…so it seems that even god could not be any help or avail. So how do u expect us poor readers of blogs to help u?! I have to say though that u need to seek professional help regarding those nightmares. Not sleeping isn’t gonna do u any good. In fact, in time, it might even cause u to experience those nightmare even while awake. So wake up girl, and learn how to seek help from professionals. I am sure they have seen much much worse cases than urs. So rest assured.

  7. Mazen will do that.. thank you for your feedback see dont under estimate the power of “you poor readers” you can do a lot 😀

  8. It is widely known in the dream world that reoccuring dreams are nothing more than a brain electric discharge.. issues that keep us awake and haunt us when we sleep..

    sometimes they are symbolic, like the sea, or a house with closed doors, or a reoccuring open green field.. or just fights, blood, and red-eyed creatures.. those latters are a load of fun anyway..

    I come to think about it as my own personal entertainment system that i have everynight.. after that i really become eager to go to sleep every night, because sometimes i experience things through my sleep that i could sense during my normal life.. not deja vu but some sort of premonition.. unclear yet noticeable…

    try to seek guidance and interpret through the dream, and relate to what they have to say.. if they are before Fajr then don’t waste it, if after Fajr then there is a message out there.. u need to work your way through your head to get it..

    I have experiences in those things believe me.. I’ve read about it so much, and believe it or not in certain issues with my life i know what is gonna happen a lot of times.. it wasnt that way before.. it was just what you have now.. but now it is different..


  9. Gold
    So you really think there is a message out there i sure hope so that all this is not in vain or just for scarring the hell out of me i dread sleeping now seriously I sure hope it would tune down a bit i sometimes think i would have a heart attack as my heart is beating so fast.. I hope i figure it out before turning gray in my sleep 😀 if you have any guide lines please let me know..

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