Servo Quod Lost In In Man’s Terra
It’s a Dump Filled with abusive and in appropriate subjects and expressions if you are not cool with that go away, if you are then feel free to step right in :)


Boredom filed his face as she sat there talking right next to him.. you could tell she had feelings for him and he had none for her. He sat there sloshing in his seat glancing around on the people coming and going with a non-caring face.. she kept on smiling, smart talking to grab his lost attention but all her attempts miserably failed on his ice cold face that slowly glanced at her every once in a while during her talks and listening to her with half attention…
Then suddenly his eyes shined as he sat straight on the chair.. his eyes filled with lust mixed with admiration upon the passing of a tall pretty stranger who passed by and randomly glanced at him while sitting across his seat.. his sparkling eyes toured every inch of her body and got brighter more and more as he liked what he was seeing.. Now his half attention for the person next to him swiftly evaporated and all his undivided attention fixed on the stranger sitting in front of him, his eyes slowly devouring her flesh as he toured her body with his eyes shiningily liking what he was seeing.. As she slowly got up and left his eyes slowly faded and his attention once again reduced to the minimum.. he slipped back in his seat back to his slouched position.. listening again with half attention and a partial deaf ear.. and boringly looking at her and looked away..

-Inspired by a couple sitting in the airport waiting for their flight-


10 Responses to “Lust”

  1. Ouch, i think the girl next to him should leave him to his fantasies nd go away…

  2. Oh i totally agree but you know the matters of the heart never makes sense or goes on with any logic..

  3. wasn’t she beautiful?

  4. Actually She was but unfortunately life is not that simple.. Some times its just about wanting what you do not have.. Sad but true

  5. so true..

  6. Well in this situation logic should slap her on her face to wake up from the luv illusion

  7. Dont worry dear time and practicality would do just that..

  8. DUDE lol i do that ALL the time…makin up stories about people I see in airports – since I spend a considerable amount of my life in ones – n I secretly sketch them too. <|=D Airports are always interesting.

    I cant help but wonder what was really goin on in that scene u've described from your point of view…

  9. Zee Puppet.. I have no idea why do I do that but its like people are talking to me in silent dialogue I do not know if I made anything up or it was as I saw it.. But glad that I am not nuts and some other people do that too 😀

  10. 🙂

    Sometimes you hate people for things they don’t say.

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