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Jordan Adventures Part Two

My first day at Jordan was exciting first of all I am staying at Bristol Hotel which is really nice hotel for some reason I was unable to sleep till 5 in the morning had training at 9 very weirdly I was not sleepy at all. Got up headed to the office and started the day with a positive notion. My training was finished at 5 we headed afterwards to a very famous place where we smoked Shisha ment and lemon flavour which was really nice.. Had an ice cream at Jerard’s an amazing place.

Afterwords we headed for dinner at a very very good place called NoodAsia we had sushi there was the first time.. the food was amazing and the architecture of the place combined wood and steel the place was packed with people coming and going and the service was superb.

Headed back to the hotel slept like there was no tomorrow as today I have a very annoying meeting with a very annoying person. Anyhow what goes up must come down..

Another day in Jordan pass by let’s just see how..


2 Responses to “Jordan Adventures Part Two”

  1. I now know what I’m having for lunch. SUSHI!

  2. Bruno.. Good choice you have my blessings 😀

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