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Jordan Adventures Part one

Well honestly let me say that this trip’s adventure did not start at the airport as some might think it started way early with me starting to ask around what do I need to do to be able to go to Jordan and the answer that I got from almost everyone is you do not need to do anything Jordan is a country you can enter without visa if you are an Egyptian or at least that was the general idea until when suspicious me called the Embassy and the guy there informed me that since I have the occupation on passport as a student I needed to get a permission from the passports department in the Tahrir complex and off I go. Went there the officer very arrogantly informed “You need to get an invitation legalized from the Egyptian embassy in Jordan that you are going there for training purposes..”

Bollix.. I called my manager informed her and she said she would check things. An hour later she called and she said that the Embassy informed that they do not need to issue a legalized invitation as the entire country is open for Egyptians and what I really had to do is to change the occupation on my passport and off I go again.

Went to the passport and immigration department issued a passport and changed the occupation into a graduate from the Faculty of Arts.. I thought my troubles are over but I beg to differ again the officer proudly informed that I have to go to the Tahrir Complex to get my permission to travel I was like WTF???? what For he said.. “Well you just have to” I was like okay. And Off I go again.. I went there and they guy so arrogantly informed AGAIN ..

The Arrogant Bastard: “You need to get an invitation legalized from the Egyptian embassy in Jordan that you are going there for training purposes..”

Major Bollix me trying to make sense out of it all..

Me: But Sir I did change the occupation on the passport to avoid the hustle.

The Arrogant Bastard: No, You need to get an invitation legalized from the Egyptian embassy in Jordan that You are going there for training purposes….

What is this a fucking record.. I was pissed…I went down stairs did not know what to do so headed to the Jordanian Embassy where I met a nice guy and told him once again the tale.. he looked at me and politely informed

The Nice guy: Look Ms. we have no problem of letting you in Jordan the problem is here..

I could not believe my ears we have made it into a habit to complicate shit more than we need to.. I was getting frustrated and the guy obviously noticed he looked at me and said..

The Nice Guy: Listen are you going there by air or sea?

Me: By Air..

The Nice Guy: Hey want my advice just go there and ignore him..

I looked puzzled at the guy and did not know what to say..

Me: Are you for real..

The Nice Guy: Yeah very for real.. have a strong heart girl..

I got out of the embassy and decided to have a strong heart I packed my bags reserved my ticket and just asked my manager to send me a normal invitation which I printed out and had it with me. Ironically enough they asked for it in Cairo Airport and they did not even take a look at it in Jordan.. Can we be treated less in our own country than this.. I guess not my friends…

Anyhow here I am in Jordan.. the weather is nice the hotel is super amazing and the country is even nicer than I expected.. I even dinned in a restaurant where they have baby sharks in the fish tank.. hey but that’s a different story..Which hopefully I will live to tell..



4 Responses to “Jordan Adventures Part one”

  1. Hello there! I wonder how u found time 2 explore blogs while u’re there, but I’m glad u did! what is it that u’re training on in Jordan anyway? and what the hell this country that wants to give its “citizens” a permission just to leave? I wanna leave this damned place goddamn it! why do I have to have a reason?! I mean I understand a country controlling who’s going in (although I hate it) but a country who wants 2 control who’s going out?! as if we’re in a prison not a damn country!

  2. Oh brother I totally understand your frusteration and you find other countries totally welcoming other citizens.. it made my head spin if they did not mind me going in why the fuck should you mind me going out.. It was frusteratinng but having a heart did do my good after all here i am putting my tongue out a mile away to that basterd..

  3. you’re more than welcome in Jordan 🙂

  4. Oh Moey Thank you so much I am loving Jorden i have been smoking Shesha yesterday watching Cars go by in Abdoon Square and had an icecream at Jerard’s was truely amazing 😀

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