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H Dabour

Okay I am not really an Arabic movies fan but this movie I have to talk about.. I am a movie maniac seriously since I was 12 and instead of boring the hell out of people I see movies, like them ,and blog about them simple as that.. anyhow that being said let’s move on to the movie of the evening..

H Dabour was a character originated from the movie “Morgan Ahmed Morgan” starring Adel Emam which I totally did not like but this character did leave a mark on the audience.. I was feeling completely down did not feel like talking about anything or watching anything heavy and hence came my decision of watching the movie .

Which was a spot on I totally loved it I found it hilarious and dead funny. This guy is taking every single expression we are actually using whether online or off line its a movie indeed written by a young man to young people filled with funny lines and not to mention Ahmed Mekky natural sense of humor so it was not really a surprise when I found out that the original idea of the movie was his to begin with. The movie was bound to be a success at least in my book.. An amazing movie if your aim is to spend two hours laughing without a care in the world.. A definite see..
In my world the rating would be 5/5


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