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Off to Jordan

And so they say..

I am off to Jordan for a week for a training purposes.. Do not know if I would be able to blog from there..

Will keep you posted.. Cheers Ladies and Gents.


6 Responses to “Off to Jordan”

  1. Drive Safely…

    //Just kidding.

    Try to keep me updated please. Miss ur online presence already.

    I wish u luck, progress and success girl.

  2. I think i am gonna be on line at the hotel i have wirless there so far my journey was intresting stay tune for my airport adventures :D:D

  3. I’m a burnetter btw, of course I know. Too bad I’m in Kuwait at the moment, I\d have taken you around.

  4. Hey Moey.. Bummer you are not here.. But you know what my boss is showing me around.. She is a freind of yours by the way Khaidah.. she is saying Hi ;D

  5. OH! say hi to her, I miss her like a lot.

  6. Will do she says Hi back what a small world for you two to know each other 😀

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