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Who the fuck is Penelope Pope?

“Liz: So I call him up to say good night and guess who answers the phone 1AM PARIS TIME? Penelope Pope! 
Jane: Who’s Penelope Pope? 
Liz: I don’t know, but that’s what she said when I asked “Who the FUCK is this?”

Yesterday.. was watching someone like you on MBC 2 and I have watched it like 3 to 4 times I always like it cause Ashly Judd is one of my favourite actresses.. but Yesterday something really caught my attention.. Why always guys need Penelope Pope AKA the other woman..

Why do men always feed women the crap about romantic relationship and how they are always going to be together if they dont intend to.. I mean some times women do not even ask for it.. they would be taking it one step at time but the guy would volenteer to say how specail the relationship would be and how loyal he would be and he would end up cheating the first time they have the chance.. Is it the rush of doing something in the dark and getting away with it? Even if somtimes the other women is not even prettier than the wife or the girl friend..

Is it really about Neophilia?

Neophilia is defined as a love of novelty and new things. A neophiliac or neophile is an individual who is unusually accepting of new things and excited by novelty. The other women is undiscovered teritory and hence the exictment?

love in relationships is divided into two types: passionate and companionate. Passionate love is intense longing, and is often accompanied by physiological arousal (shortness of breath, rapid heart rate). Companionate love is affection and a feeling of intimacy and is not necessarily accompanied by physiological arousal. Why is it that the companionate love is slowly fading away? and the entire world is FUCKING PEMELOPE POPE?


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