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Packed Days & Change

Man I have not had such packed days in a while now things have been spinning with the speed of light I am telling you.. I feel quiet excited about how things are spinning and changing so fast..I am off to Jordan next week ISA for training and I do not know yet how things will be.. I have met very interesting people lately a fellow Gemini was such an intriguing meeting and it confirmed a lot about the famous sign which I happen to be one of them..Weird.. 

Anyhow I do not know when exactly I would be off but I will be blogging with more details soon..



4 Responses to “Packed Days & Change”

  1. Have fun in Jordan – definitely post as you travel.


  2. Bruno will do that I am kind of excited cause I did not plan this trip it sot of came right out of the blue which is kind is the beauty of it… 😀 Will post more details soon..

  3. good luck 🙂

  4. JPierre: Thank you 🙂

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