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The Magical Night Air

Yesterday was simply amazing I was high on life never expected that.. I have never expected the night air to be so refreshing and amazing to the soul.. I stood there looking at the Nile with the flickering lights reflected on its surface and the water is forming waves with every light breeze that passes by and I paused. I paused and looked at it for 30 minutes I stood there looking at it doing absolutely fucko and breathing so slowly as if I was afraid I might awaken a beast form it dark sleep and I smiled and for a long long while a small and genuine smile was on my face.. I have not smiled from deep within without being forced into it by anything in such a long while..

I simply stood there I do not know weather it was the air, the freedom, the loneliness, the lack of interest, or the fact that I had no control overr anything but I simply was not thinking about anything.. not the past, present, or future no could have or would have or must have.. My mind was blank just blank I smiled and felt a small part of my dark heavy soul.. to light with a shivering and discreet light.. and I felt I am going to be fine.. Things would be fine.. I may not be as I used to be but who the fuck cares.. I am going to be alright.. Another form of alright.. and this is just fine isn’t it?


4 Responses to “The Magical Night Air”

  1. Love the description of the scene of the nile…

    I guess u paused 3 min becoz of the beauty of the scene

    Sooo refreshing

    PS: I hate the word verification @@

  2. Hey there.. I do hate word verification as well 😀 Great minds..
    Nope dear I paused for 30 minutes. I did not move was just standing there estrayed thinking of what exactly I can not tell I do not think I was thinking aslaan bass it was a great feeling never felt like that you should try it.. its recommendable 2a7’er 7aga

  3. You experienced what is – no thoughts of past or present means you felt stillness – you accepted what is without judgement – That’s what we call awareness.
    When we experience this feeling, it feels like time has come to a complete halt and you experience this feeling, a connection with self.

    New to your blog – hopped over from bart’s blog.

  4. Hey Bruno.. First welcome to my blog any freind of Bart is a friend of mine 😀
    “Accepting what is without judgement – That’s what we call awareness.”
    If awareness is that calm and peaceful then I really wish I would be more aware.. It felt amazing 😀

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